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Many people can't come to us to make a transformation into a girl, but now it's not necessary to come!
At the request of our customers, we have made an online school 

for you:
For men who want to transform into women beautifully.

This is more than makeup and style training,
it’s a training in the feminization of male appearance.

List of cosmetics for feminizing makeup

This is a PDF – guide with illustrations.

In the list there are: 
• Brushes with description and photos – 

why you need each of them 
• Concealers and foundation, which mask 

the stubble 
• Eye shadow, pencils, blush, modeling powder 
• Brands, color numbers and shops
• Tools and technique for long-lasting makeup removing

It’s comfortable to use in both smartphone 

and computer.

Using it you can:
• work out basic makeup skills: shading modeling powder, blush, eye shadows
•learn to draw smoothly lip contour, eyeliner
•work out brows makeup
•practice new makeup and then realize it on your face
Face chart training takes less time and you don’t need to remove makeup!


A scheme for makeup training. Face Chart.

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Makeup Guide 

Basics of face feminization

Step-by-step makeup instruction in PDF and video lesson 

about basics of face feminization 

Feminizing makeup


7 step-by-step feminizing makeup video lessons. 

Shown on a man with masculine appereance

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